Matte Black Horseshoe Circular Barbells

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Matte Black Horseshoe Circular Barbells

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If you love everything black you will love our Matte Black Body jewelry!

These Horseshoe Circular Rings are perfect for Nipple, Cartilage, Daith, Septum, and more!

Our Matte Black body jewelry is coated so handle with care as to not scratch off the coating. Please follow the care instructions on our FAQ.

Choose your size!

  • #1 -- 14GA (1.6mm) length: 5/16"(8mm) Ball Size: 3 (small hoop)
  • #2 -- 14GA (1.6mm)length: 5/16"(8mm)Ball Size: 4 (small hoop)
  • #3 -- 14GA (1.6mm)length: 1/2"(12mm)Ball Size: 5 (biggest hoop)
  • #4 -- 16GA (1.2mm)length: 1/4"(6mm)Ball Size: 3 (tiny hoop)
  • #5 -- 16GA (1.2mm)length: 5/16"(8mm)Ball Size: 3 (petite hoop)
  • #6 -- 16GA (1.2mm)length: 3/8"(10mm)Ball Size: 4 (medium hoop)